Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WOYWW 251!

Not that many posts for me, but I'm sure there are some die hard WOYWW posters out there! Please check the paisley button on my sidebar for more info on WOYWW (What's on Your Workspace Wednesday)

So here it is - the messy desk, as it was this morning.

I had an idea for a project board. I have one for scrapbooking and I love it, but it's always in use. I wanted one for card planning. I found a few ideas online - one was all set to go for $30 or so, one was shown in a tutorial on a card blog. I didn't want big gaudy magnets that would take away from the card, so I used my very strong tiny magnets from my scrapbooking magnet board. I switched some round craft magnets for them, since I do Project Life scrapbooking, it doesn't matter what's holding the photos down, as long as they don't fly away.  But for planning a card, I don't want the magnets to distract from the card.
 I went looking for a magnetic white board, as the woman on the blog suggested, and found these Magnetic Die Sheets, thinking they just might work, and beside - I really NEED some of these! So for about $9.00 I bought a set of 3 (cheaper in the USA!) Well, they didn't work for the project board, buy that didn't matter at all. Then I remembered I had some new Dollar Store cookie sheets in the garage, and VOILA! A perfect planning board for my cards.     
The Art Bin sheets have a carrier to go with them if desired, so far I don't need it.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is up to today!


Lorraine said...

like those dies..very useful and your little card is lovely

Unknown said...

Great the bit held down by magnets a clear piece of perspex or similar? Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.
Dawn #39

Lindart said...

We'll, that's a truly professional idea if you ask me, a card planner. Totally get why you don't want the big magnets, and I love a dollar store triumph! I don't think your desk looks too untidy to be honest, but it does look productive...which is the BEST desk look!
Julia Dunnit

(accidentaly deleted when I want ed to publish, so here it is!)

fairy thoughts said...

Hey Lindart
Could you fit anymore stuff on your desk.... No don't answer I think I know the answer is ... Yes probably and it would be more fun hehe. I use the magnetic sheets to store for cuts too
Janet. @29

famfa said...

All sounds very complicated but glad you got it all sorted
Famfa 69

Eliza said...

I would love to rumble through you desk and have a play, it looks productive, more than I can say for mine. You went searching for a post on Yoda here is the beginning.

sorry you will need to copy and paste.

Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment, sorry I am just getting back to you now, work got in the way again.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda 19

Anonymous said...

You know, I saw your desk and thought that looks like a tray or a cookie sheet!! Good idea to corral everything together for the card without the distraction of the rest of the stuff on the desk though. It's a pretty card too. I've looked at those magnetic sheets for dies, I think I have have to get a few!

Brenda 68

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Using the magnets is a great idea.
I love the colour of your card.
You look as though you are going to be using the pushback technique on your desk which is very popular amongst lots of crafters lol!
Happy crafting, Angela #59

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Linda, a late week visit from me as promised. That's way cool idea with the magnets to hold everything in place while your planning your card.Cheers and hope you enjoyed your weekend RobynO#77