Sunday, February 02, 2014

Journal Pages

Hello! Happy Groundhog Day!! My daughter and her Dad watch "Groundhog Day" every year, whether they are together or not!  Ontario's Wiarton Willie emerged from his cozy den this morning and immediately spotted his shadow, which according to groundhog folklore means Canadians can expect six more weeks of what has already been a long, cold, snowy winter. Joy.

On that note, I have two Journal pages for you. I have slightly altered how I do my journal (I always seem to do that - I'm all over the place!) The journaling I'm doing now is following some prompts that come up in the several journaling groups I'm in.

As I mentioned in my last post, Persevere is my word for 2014:

On my Journal 52 group the prompt for 2 weeks ago was "What makes you smile?" Well, my new 6mo old kitten, Inky does! Everyday!

I'm starting a new journal prompt today from The Documented Life Project which I will post when it's done!

Thanks for looking!

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