Sunday, October 19, 2008

Beautiful Fall!

It's turning out to be a beautiful Fall! We went on our annual Fall Leaf Tour last weekend, and saw some glorious Ontario Fall views!

And for for a little bit of art. . .!
I sent off my last September postcard today (late..bad girl!)

And made 10 Rolodex cards for my Byhand Group pink Rolodex Swap for Breast Cancer.

My mistake on these was not to cut out the bottom holes before I stamped! Didn't totally ruin the cards, so I left it as is. Hopefully I will remember for next time. I haven't done a Rolodex swap for a long time! I really enjoy these little cards! The stamps are from Chapel Road, which I think has been bought by another Canadian company.


Art By Wanda said...

Gorgeous fall pictures!! Your postcard and rolodex swap are both wonderful!!

Beth Akins said...

Yes, I agree, what a lovely fall! Can't wait to get your pretty rolodex card!

Yogi said...

Very nice. Gorgeous scenic shots too.