Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stamp Carving!

Decided I would try my hand at stamp carving this week, as part of my Printmaking experience. I transferred a photo I had taken in the summer to a sheet of soft carving rubber and carved away! This is what I got.

This is the photo. . .

carved into this. . .

and stamped onto my postcards for September for my Color Postcards Group.
The colors this month are Ultramarine and Sepia - or loosely translated into brown and dark blue, a rather somber color group!

after a few stampings the tail started to break off - must remember that for future carving. I wonder if it can be glued together? I will try!

I'm not sure that the rest of the postcards will use the same stamp. I need to find a way to brighten up these colors! Maybe I'll carve another one. . .

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