Sunday, June 08, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Valerie, from Val's Altered HeART Journey has tagged me! I feel honored! She has changed the tagging rules a little bit, now we only have to list 3 (instead of 6) things about ourselves, and tag 3 (instead of 6) more people. Should be easy enough!

So, 3 things about myself that people might not know. . .

1- I am a stamper at heart (you may have guessed that one) I literally have more than 1000 stamps, and I try to use them whenever I can!

2- I have 2 cats, one white and one orange. The white cat had an infection in her ear last year and now it's folded in. it makes her look evil. But wait - she IS evil! We call her the evil cat because just as you are petting her, and she is purring -ZAP- she gets you. The orange cat is twice her size, but a few years younger. She had an encounter with a full grown fox the other day. Here she is, waiting for the birds to be thirsty:

3- my mother is a visionary artist. She actually paints! If you click here you can see her wonderful art! I must get my artistic streak from her!

Here are the 3 people I tag:
1-Ingrid Dijikers Ingrid is one of my all time favorite artists. I LOVE her work, especially her journals and books! I hope she's not too busy. . .

2-Pattio She has just made herself a new wonderful studio -have a peek!

3-Kelly Burton Kelly and I go WAY back to when I first started stamping! She was awesome then and she's awesome now!

So, I hope my choices aren't too upset with me! And thanks Val, 3 is so much better than 6!


Anonymous said...

I love your art!! The lime green and purple works.

photoholly said...

Your mother is indeed a visionary artist, she's wonderful! I love your art as well!