Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Monday. May 26th, was my beautiful daughter's 22nd birthday! I didn't want to post her card until she got it, which she did, right on time!

This card was inspired by my good friend Marg's Thank You card to me for working in her deco. It is a beautiful card and I love it! The birthday card resembles it in design only. The part that looks like a tab above her hat is part of the scanner. I forgot to put my usual black cover on top!

One more postcard

Here is my 5th postcard, only 2 more to go!

The image is from the internet. The pearly dots around and on the image is a neat paint that is raised when dry.


Eastjewels said...

Hi Linda..your BDay card for your daughter is wonderful...I know she loved it. Sorry I haven't taken the time to visit your blog in a while because I can see how much of your wonderful art I need to catch up on...You are so talented and inspirational..I promise I won't stay away so long. I have been making a lot of books lately and you know how it is when you are creating? I know you can hardly wait for school to be out. I am having knee replacement surgery next week and I am planning all of the things I can do while on the weird exercise machine for 6 hours a day. I promise not to stay away so long from Lindart again..
Linda (Okla)

Deb said...

Hi Linda:

Amazing work on your blog Linda! I do check from time to time and admire your talents and dedication.

Katelyn's card is fantastic, beautifully executed! Belated Creative Person's Birthday to her. (this is also my birthday and Jill H.'s too-not to mention Lenny Kravitz, James Arness, John Wayne, Stevie Nicks, Phillip Michael Thomas, Hank Williams Jr., Peggy Lee, Al Jolson - all creative people.

Hopefully we can get together while you're off over the summer.

Keep creating and stay well.


Katrina said...

Love your card for your daughter, great idea, I just love it. Her Birthday is the same day as my Hubbys !

Anonymous said...

I love the birthday card you have made for your daughter. Absolutely adorable. A gift in itself.
I have enjoyed looking at your blog
I like when artists include family bits along with their art. Pam Barnes