Sunday, March 30, 2008

Earth Hour

How many observed "Earth Hour" last night from 8-9 o'clock? The idea was to promote awareness for our earth by reducing the power we use for one hour. Some cities, such as Toronto, made a huge deal of it! We did our part with a candlelight dinner and a game of "Myth Busters"!

My Winnings!

A few weeks ago I won some Blog Candy from Wanda Hentges blog, and a huge package arrived a few days ago! It was chock full of fun stuff to play with. Just what I needed! Thanks Wanda!

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paint1chris said...

Hi Linda. Edmonton had a pretty good "turn off" for Earth Hour too. I was working that night and missed it...sort of. I guess everything was off anyway since I wasn't at home. I like your idea of
a candlelight dinner--a great way to spend the evening.