Monday, February 18, 2008

House challenge

This week's ByHand Challenge is to use the house template they provided and make a house. Here's mine!

This is my first time using a house template. I used some playing card images from Altered Pages for the doorway and the window. The rest is stamped. The door and window shutter stamps are from Michelle Ward. The little whispy plant stamp is a mystery to me. I stamped the one on the right, then used the same stamp to stamp the one on the left. How it turned the other way is a mystery! Optical Illusion? I don't know!


Mary-Beth said...

Love your house page Linda but isn't the fern stamped just turned and not flipped?

Love the mingle too! I too did Mardi Gras but yours is better!!

Anonymous said...

Linda, Your house is just lovely! Somewhere I would love to be. Looks like a villa in Tuscany. Ahhhhh.

Your altered books are fab too.

Hugs Pattio

Sandy said...

Wow fantastic house creation. Really gorgeous. Love it.

JulesinParadise said...

This is one of the prettiest houses I've seen. Bravo to you!

Quietfire said...

Great House Linda! Thanks for taking the challenge! Is it okay if I use it on my site, crediting you? Let me know! Thanks, Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Loved the use of the dress stamp for prom. I have that stamp but haven't used it yet. I notice you attached net to the skirt....I think I am inspired now. Diane Arthurs