Sunday, October 21, 2007

Journal Finished

I have just finished my 2005-07 Composition Journal. I go from periods of writing in it all the time to missing weeks or months in a row. This time I hadn't written in it since August 07, picked it up yesterday and finished it off. So here are the last pages of this journal.

For this page I started with the photo of the blue and white striped towel and the bathtub. I pulled the blue colour for the left page, and the orange colour of the towel on the tub for the right page.

I often make several pages ahead, and this one as no exception. I liked the door and the door handle, so designed the page using those pictures. I added the border around the door. When it came around to writing on this page, my ex-husband had suddenly died in Halifax. The somberness of the page reflected this. As one door closes for him (the door opens and his obituary is inside) another one opens - I believe in afterlife, so I believe he has more adventures ahead of him, therefore the door handle works well for this.

This page was done ahead as well, I loved these photos of the anorexic looking girls, especially since I was trying to lose weight at the time. I was reminding myself to eat well desptie the fact that I wanted to lose weight. I had a flap in between these pages, so I added various cards and ephemera that I had picked up in my trip to Toronto.

Last page! I love this page, the Asian aspect of it, and when writing on this page I had actually gone to a Chinese buffet! This page was about my trip to Niagara falls to visit friends, but I stopped writing halfway through the visit - no time! Then I didn't pick it up again until yesterday, my 23rd Wedding Anniversary. So I decided to make this the last page of my journal. Now to start a new one!


Beth Akins said...

Your journal pages are great. It's nice that you allow yourself to stop and start as you wish.
Happy Anniversary

Sandy said...

Hi Again

Like I said before love your journal and I think I particularly love the one with the flowers in the middle.

Question - you said you used a cheap composition book. Are the pages strong enough or do you have to build them up?

Composition journal - lined or unlined?

I have a couple of ideas for some pages in my phantom journal. That would be the one that is full of ideas that rattle around in my head but never get put to paper!!

After my husband's death I had a lot of ideas that seemed to come out of my thoughts of him but didn't put them to paper. I guess I thought no one would want to see them or that they'd be too morbid or something. Listening to that inner critic again! Maybe I'm ready now because I had an epiphany of sorts and realized no one has to see it. What a radical concept - who knew!!