Saturday, May 19, 2007

Garage Sales

I love going to garage sales this time of year. Last week I got 2 Hero Arts stamps for $1 each, some tassle earrings (for the tassels of course) and some elephant earings (for the charms). This week I found this neat holder for cards or photos for $1, and I'm using it to hold all my Johnny Depp ATC's from a swap last year. Finally, I get to show them off!


doverdi said...

I'm another huge yard sale fan. After spending this morning out yardsaling, I love coming home and drooling over all my finds. Today's find - a huge stack of wine labels for 25 cents, a book on altering cigar boxes & purses for $1 and then 2 books on Paper Quilling for 50 cents each. Last weekend I found a hand drill for $1 which is great to go through those 3d projects. One persons trash is anothers treasure. Now I can't wait til next weekends sales. lol

Debby said...

LOVE your JD display! Very clever and cute!