Sunday, April 08, 2007

Bad Girl's Altered Book Tip-Ins

Last year I started an Altered Book with the theme "Bad Girls", with my Altered Pages Yahoo group. It is a tip-in swap, and the players can interpret the theme as they wish. The book I chose was called "It's a Woman's World", which I renamed "It's a Bad Girl's World". I haven't done anything to the cover yet. The book is shown here splayed out, and I have included all the tip-ins I have received so far, in my blog. These pages are done by other artists (except for mine), and if you are one of those artists and want your page deleted from the group, please let me know.
The book is unfinished, I will add the rest of the pages when it is finally finished. I thank all the artists for their wonderful contributions! It is an awesome book so far.

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Robyn Sinclair said...

Linda, what a treat your blog is. I knew nothing about Altered Books. I look forward to reading all your posts.