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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

12 Days of Christmas- Day 8

Day 8 was my day, so I'll show you what everyone else got first. This was an idea I picked up online and just loved the grunge look. Not everyone is a grunge fan so I was a bit worried!

All the ornaments were different, these are just 2 chosen at random. I tried to get them to match the decor of those who sent me their tree colors!  One was pink and turquoise, I can't remember who got that one, but it was someone I thought might be open to even more funkiness, so I hope she liked it! The others were more traditional colors. I think one was a snowman. Lots of experimenting as I was doing these! Fun! The Santa stamp on the right has always been my favorite Christmas stamp!

Now for my gifties!

 The one marked Day 8 is from Carmen, and the one marked Day 13 is from Mary-Beth, and I can't show you that one today. I will show it at the end of the swap. Its the one everyone gets in place of their own gifty!

Isn't this the most clever calendar ever?? Winter and Spring are back to back (like an upside-down V) and summer and fall are inside. When summer comes I just turn it inside out! So clever, and I love it! Thanks Carmen!!

And thanks M-B! Wink wink!

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