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Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Hallowe'en!

Tomorrow is Hallowe'en and I'm so glad the next day is Sunday! "They" should declare that Hallowe'en ALWAYS fall on Saturday!
(Can you tell I'm a teacher?)

Some more journal pages for you! Unfortunately that's all I've done lately except for some Christmas tags for a swap, and of course I had to rush them to the mailbox without scanning them first. Oh well!

here are my pages


This was the book I read for my online book club.
I thought I would put my books in my regular journal from now on
rather than a separate one. We'll see how it works!

This was not my favourite book. I give it 3 stars.

Have a fun Hallowe'en!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

More Journal pages

It seems that all I am doing lately (all I really have time for) is journal pages. That's not a really bad thing, but I hope to get back into other projects! I am doing a lot of material making for school that takes up a lot of my extra time, so when that is done, I should have lots more time! In the meantime, here are my journal pages:

I love the tattoos I put on the back of this lady! My DD is getting a tattoo on her back in January, I seem to be a bit obsessed with tattoos these days. I don't think I would ever get one though.

I love this page! Again, a "tattoo" on the girl's arm. I love the flying pig!

Another favorite page, I love the birds! Also I discovered Crowabout Collage Group
and used some of Nancy's images on this page.

Some more Crowabout images, I like the legs on this page!
And an image I cut out from an old ATC of mine. The Asian girl on the right is a tattoo image.
played with Zentangles on an empty spot. Not my forte!

It's October, i thought it would be fun to use Halloween images on my October pages!
The ghosty looking one on the upper left is a transparency. The "death" image is another tattoo image.

I really like this page, because I love the sexy image of the Spanish dancer!
Some Crowabout images on this page too.

I thought I would try a spooky black page. I couldn't get anything to write on the black, so I tried covering the black with white watercolor crayon. That was even worse and my Pitt pen refused to write at all. So I covered it with white acrylic paint (paint dauber) and my black gel pen worked on that. But I need a new Pitt pen! I don't know what is was about the white that destroyed the pen. I did manage to use white gel pen to make some highlights until it refused to work anymore as well. the dog and cats are from Crowabout.