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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

WOYWW #324

Back to my workspace again this week! If you don't know what WOYWW is, please go HERE and find out, and perhaps join us!

I started making a set of 3 ATCs this week, following the theme of "Girlfriends". Since it is summer, friends on the beach seemed like a good idea!

I was all set to stamp "Bathing Beauties" on the ATC holder I was making, when "POOF!" one word went flying away!

Don't you hate when that happens! A full search, with flashlight, revealed nothing. This is the stamp set I was using, the word "beauties" was the one that disappeared. 

Well, what could I do, but leave everything and come back to it another day.
I went to take pictures today, and. . .

there is was. How I could have missed it a few days ago, I don't know, but I'm glad I found it! WOYWW saves the day!

I finished my journal page this week, here is the before and after:

And here is the "before" that I am working on now. I had the 2 frames sitting on my desk, I often pick up leftover things from my desk and incorporate them into my journal. I used a large Tim Holtz gears stencil, and the red is from a previously used stencil that I just popped inside a long time ago to use up the paint. 

Well, that's it for today, thanks for looking! Don't forget, I love to hear from you!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

WOYWW #323

Back again to look at my workspace! Every week or so I go to my friend Marg's to "play". She has a wonderful room - full basement-full of space!! This is what our workspace looked like yesterday when I went to play: 

You can't see it, but her floor is carpeted in white carpet!I love her dearly, but in my house that carpet would not be white for long! At least she has some brown small carpets under this table - probably because I come over so often!
We rarely go to my house, because this is what MY space looks like:

This is NOT because I have more stuff than she does, but because she has about 5 times (or more) space than I do! And I tend to want everything within reach, and because I don't put things away very often. . .! But even so, I'm not at all sure my desk wouldn't look like this anyway, even if I did have all her room!

I have been working on a few cards:

The Labyrinth has meaning to the person I am sending this card to!

And my journal:

This is the page I'm working on now, before I started working on it.

This is my last page: 

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, August 09, 2015


I have made 2 cards for my monthly CST card swap, both were inspired by a card I found in a June 2013 Stamper's Sampler magazine. The cards in the magazine were made by Rene Zerate. It's why we buy the magazines, right? I flip through my huge stash when I need some inspiration, and find a card I like. Then I make it my own, taking the elements of the card I liked. Here is Rene's card:

I liked the black borders, and the text background. Here are my cards:

In the first card, I had this stamp of a woman who could either be singing, or screaming for her life! She looks like she is singing opera in this card! The words "sing" and "peace" are from a set of fridge magnets - fridge magnet poetry I think it was called. In the second card, I used book text as the background, and a day after I made the card I read the text beside the word "peace". It says: " I will allow "peace". How's that for serindipity! I hope the 2 ladies getting these cards will like them!

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Summer days!

I have been busy with my online business, and have had little time for art, although I need to MAKE TIME!!!! Art is important, and I keep putting it on the side, something to  be done when I have nothing else to do - I think I treat it a s a reward in my mind! Once everything else is done and dusted (as they say) THEN I am allowed in my stamping room. Silly girl!
Anyway, I have started my daily journaling again, I love the zentangle part, and find it very relaxing in the morning, on my porch, listening to the birds, watching the dog walkers, and having my cat wrap her long furry body around my legs! Even in August, the porch in the shade is cool, so I'm always wrapped up in a blanket!

In this one, I stamped the leaves with a large leaf foam stamp - perfect to zentangle on! I will have to find more of these stamps!
I am almost finished with the next page, I will post soon. I also have a new idea for my new page, hopefully it will work as I planned!

Here are my 3 ATCs for a monthly ATC swap  I am on. July's theme was Red & White:

Well, that's it for today, I'm taking today off from work and will spend some time stamping!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

WOYWW #314

Wednesday again! Someday I hope to be able to write my blog more than once a week! But this keeps me blogging, so it's all good! To find out more about WOYWW just click HERE.

Today I have a truly messy desk! I will definitely have to clean up before I can make anything else:

I have been making I-CADS -index cards - following a challenge to make one a day. Doesn't give me much time to clean up! This is the I-CAD challenge:

I showed you days 1-2 last week, here are days 3-7:

Prompt: draw a map

Prompt: Mailbox (it was my kitten Inky's birthday!)

Prompt: Owls

Prompt: Taxi

Prompt: Periodic Table

I'm a bit behind, as I have yet to do one this week (busy busy!)

I thought I would share this tidbit with you:

I LOVE my Distress Inks, and I store them in these clear plastic trays that I got at Michael's as 3-D frames. I have 4 of these trays. On the bottom of each Ink Pad is a Distress blending pad matching that particular ink pad. I have them stuck on with the cheap sticky velcro dots front the dollar store (the only thing that seems to work!) As you can see in the lower right corner, I have an upside down pad, and the handle that the pads stick to. This is not an original idea - I picked it up from Aaron from Imperfectimpulses (find on You Tube), and he picked it up from someone else. I love this way of using the pads - everything is always clean. 

Well, thanks for looking, I am now off to look at YOUR workdesk! Remember - I LOVE your comments, they make my day! Thank you! 

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

WOYWW #313

Today is Wednesday again, if you would like to know what WOYWW is, just go to Julia's blog to find out!

I have actually been pretty busy lately, as my messy desk can testify - time to do another cleaning up!

I've been sending out a few ATCs. you can see my ATC stamp on the table, and working on my journal - you can see my latest start, up top with the mouse pad on it - I hate it. I am not good with Dylusions sprays yet, they just don't work for me like they do Diane! I'm still searching for the perfect paper I think. The blue spray bled through the pages, and onto my previous journal page through gesso! AAAHHH! But I fixed it:

You can hardly see the blue anymore. This is in Donna Downey's journal, I like the inserts, they add some movement and mystery to the pages!

I have also joined a new challenge call I-CAD or Index card a Day, where we make one index card a day, following her prompts or not, doesn't matter. What it DOES do, is get me into my stamping room every day! It goes for 2 months. Here is my i-cad box:

And my i-cads so far:

Prompt: Chevron

 Prompt: Carnival

I chose to use the cards with the tabs because they are more sturdy than the regular index cards, and there are no lines. I'm writing on the back how I did the card.
Just one more thing - I received a beautiful postcard and ATC from a fellow WOYWWer, Diane. Diane,  yours was posted yesterday!

I love the crackles on the ATC! And all the layering on the postcard! Thanks so much Diane!

Thanks for visiting! And as always, your comments make my day! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

WOYWW #311

Wow - it's been a month since I've posted! Time really flies! Today is Wednesday again, if you would like to know what WOYWW is, just go to Julia's blog to find out!

I haven't really been doing much, which is probably why I haven't posted, my desk really hadn't changed much over the past month. But I did make a few cards and 3 ATCs recently, so here is my desk today:

As you can see, just enough room to work on, surrounded by mess. So . . . normal!|

My favourite ATC stamp that I use on the back of my ATCs. My friend Marg has a new Penny Black stamp that I love, and so stamped off a few pages of it to use on my cards, shown is the one I didn't use.

Here are the cards I made:

The Chinese writing is by Stampin' Up

Do you remember the project Marg and I were starting a few weeks ago with the painted and stenciled playing cards? Here is the finished accordion book:

 Folded Up



I had some cards leftover, so I made some ATCs

That's it for today! I'm off to peek at YOUR desks now! Thanks for visiting!