Wednesday, January 19, 2022

WOYWW #659

 Another Wednesday, time for a peek at each other's desks and projects! If you would like to learn more, just go to Maybe you could join our little group!

Hello! On Monday we had a big snowstorm that left us with 40 cm, 15.75 inches. It slowed us down for a few hours, but everything is moving normally now. I am writing this on Tuesday, where our temperature today is -11°C, or 12.2°F. A wee cold, but it was much colder last week, and will be much colder in a few days. I am so grateful I don't have to go anywhere!

Here is my desk:

I need some page dividers so I am making them. You can see the punch I used to make the tabs. This is the first of 10.

I have been playing with my gelli plate this week with frustrating results. Either I use too much paint and the brayer just slides around, or too little paint and it dries before I can get my paper on. I can't seem to hit the right amount. I've watched several videos, some use teeny tiny amounts of paint and get great results. I have a "cheaper" gelli plate, wondering of that has anything to do with it, also it is fairly old. People keep saying "don't clean your plate" so I don't, but I'm not getting the neat effects they say I should. I have ordered a small ATC size plate, so at least I won't be wasting too much paper as I try to get the hang of it. Any suggestions would be welcome!

Here is my plate:

I've tried a few kinds of paint, craft, and a few types of acrylic. I haven't tried Distress Paint yet, it's supposed to be good.

Here are the results. I have since cut them all up to use in my journals or as card fronts.

I have made one card so far just to try it. My black needs re-inking.

Enough of that, I may continue to try this out while waiting for my small plate to arrive. I also used some prints in my journal.

Here is a photo of me and Jasper at Christmas. I love this photo! She has such a happy smile!

Well that's it for me today. The cats are getting fat and lazy because they can't go outside, but once in awhile I see them tearing around the house like they are being chased by a fox! Sometimes they are chasing each other, hiding in their tunnels, around corners, behind doors, in boxes,  or their tent, ready to pounce when one of them goes by! 

Have a wonderful week, stay safe and warm! The cats say "Meow"!

This isn't Inky, but if she were brave enough to plow through the snow, this is what it would have looked like on Monday!

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

WOYWW #658

 Another Wednesday, time for a peek at each other's desks and projects! If you would like to learn more, just go to Maybe you could join our little group!

Happy New Year everyone! So sorry I missed last week, I was just so busy I couldn't make the time. Today is the exact opposite! With Daughter and Granddaughter back to their home it is very quiet here. We all miss them even the cats! So now I am a year older, but I don't feel it at all. But it is hard not being able to see anyone or go anywhere. All the restaurants are closed, and even the schools are closed until next week. I'm happy staying home though, and grateful that I don't have to go to work. I'm becoming quite the home-body. I might go out once a week at the most to get groceries and do errands. Anyway, that's my life in a nutshell, but you want to see my desk, so here it is:

What a mess! I needed something from my collage picture storage tray, and I ended up organizing it. Here I am, halfway through, The bookmark you see is from a card that my good friend Therese in Edmonton sent me on a birthday card. I love bookmarks! I'm going to seal it so it doesn't get damaged. I got a gift card for Michaels and one for our local stamp store. I always know just what I need until I have a GC to buy it, then I have such a hard time deciding! You can also see my junk journal getting fatter and fatter! Close to the end! I want to play with my Gelli plate, so I may be able to show you some of those next week. If I get up the gumption...

My favourite (non crafty) Christmas gifts this year are my Echo Dot (Alexa) and my picture frame full of photos of Jasper and Family that changes every minute. My DD can add photos to it all the way from Toronto! Isn't technology wonderful! 

Here's a pic of DD and Jasper on our "Christmas Morning" which was actually Dec 31st.

I hope all of you had a wonderful start to 2022! Mittsy has taken to joining us at 5pm for "wine time", and often sits and watches the photos of Jasper change, I think she misses her! She would always stay close by Jasper and watch her intently. Inky ignored Jasper!

Have a wonderful week, and "meow" from Mittsy and Inky!

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

WOYWW #656

 Another Wednesday, time for a peek at each other's desks and projects! If you would like to learn more, just go to Maybe you could join our little group!

Greetings to all in Cyberland! I hope you are all safe and happy, and ready for a new year!

We got an early Christmas morning call from our daughter and her family, we were still in bed half asleep and they had already opened stockings and presents! Seeing Jasper (BTW, Jasper is a girl! Jasper is a common boy's name, but not so common as a girl's name! It took me awhile to get used to it) and the kids was a nice start to the day. We had a lovely Christmas, just the two of us and the cats, no stress, easy Roast Pork dinner in front of the telly watching Coronation St! Big dinner coming up on Friday when the kids are here with Jasper. We will have turkey with all the fixin's, then after dinner - New Year's Eve, then the next day, my birthday. Whew. Probably some stress there! Three special days rolled into one! 

Here is my desk this morning. I'm just making another bookmark, a great thing to do when nothing special is forthcoming! I've stacked things on top while it's drying. You can see some tag dies for Christmas presents, and a larger container that will now hold my remotes as well as long strips of paper.

I know there are a few others watching their carbs, I had a lovely Christmas breakfast of low-carb waffles with eggs and bacon while hubby had a giant cinnamon bun with his bacon and eggs.

Here is the recipe for the gingerbread cake I made, some of you were asking about it. I would add a bit more of the spices, and I didn't frost it. I think I added cinnamon to the spices as well:

I was very spoiled his year, I got my UHU glue to last a little while, and 2 new music stencils, and another kind of swirly stencil. And lot of other goodies including earrings, necklace made of Jasper, and an electric stovetop grill. With all the extra appliances I have, I hardly ever use the stove anymore! A gift card for Michael's and for Amazon (and a few more). And I still have Birthday presents to come!

Hubby got a crokinole game, which I took a chance on, because he never tells me what he wants. But we've been playing it every day, its a fun thing to do together!

And of course, the kitties. They LOVE Christmas, seem to know every year as we all go downstairs for stockings (something they don't do every day - how do they know?) They each get a catnip pillow, than a few toys. Mittsy broke hers on the first swipe, but the pet store won't replace it, I'm waiting to hear from the company, but I know just where to write a review if I don't hear from them...

So Christmas #2 is coming on Friday, should be a big day with Jasper here! 

I hope everyone else had a lovely Christmas, whether it was quiet or busy, both are good! Stay safe, get your booster, and craft on!

We all wish you a Happy New Year, and may 2022 be the year we get back to some kind of normal!

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

WOYWW #655

 Another Wednesday, time for a peek at each other's desks and projects! If you would like to learn more, just go to Maybe you could join our little group!

Well, here we are at the last post before Christmas! It hardly feels like Christmas at all, but we do have a little bit of snow on the ground. but my usual shopping at every store till I find things I like is not happening! Presents are much fewer this year, although my hubby keeps going out and coming in with things I'm not supposed to see. I'm starting to feel a bit like Scrooge!

Anyway, here is my desk this morning, I haven't been there for a few days. A bit of a mess. The jar is weighting down a card that is drying.

I'm down to my last UHU glue, which is why it is blue. Hopefully Santa will drop a few big ones in my stocking! I do need to work here today, so I may do a big clean-up first. 

Mittsy has begun to assert herself onto the tree. I know, she can't help it, she's a cat after all, and she's bored because it's too cold to go out.

I made some keto gingerbread yesterday, which is good, but not like real gingerbread. Needs a lot more spices.

One cute pic of Jasper, and then that will be it for today.

Almost crawling! 

Well, that's it for me, I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe and Happy Christmas! Inky and Mittsy say Meowry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

WOYWW #654

 Another Wednesday, time for a peek at each other's desks and projects! If you would like to learn more, just go to Maybe you could join our little group!

Hello everyone! All the snow is gone, we don't know if we will have a white Christmas after all. We got our 3rd jab yesterday, my Mom gets hers today, my kids are still too young, unfortunately. Omicron is sweeping across our little city causing all sorts of problems. We now have over 1000 covid cases. This time last year we had about 26, but no one was vaccinated and everything was shut down.  I'm worried that we won't be seeing the kids or Jasper this year again. We have been set up to see them after Christmas, but gatherings are now limited to 5 people, so even if they do come we won't be able to have anyone else like my Mom or brother over. So I'm pretty worried. 

My desk this morning, still working on Christmas cards.

I had two rolls of wide Christmas ribbon I had never used, so I wanted to use some in a card, and ended up making several.

And a few more cards I made over the week:

                                                                    Hero Arts Stamp

The truck was a stamped image I've had forever, but I wish I had the stamp! The trees in the background are Hero Arts, the tree is a die cut.

This was also from some stamped images I had forever. I had 3, I ruined one, and cut the middle out of one and placed it over the third for a kind of 3-D effect. You can't really tell from the photo.

That's it for today. My pics of the cats didn't show up on my icloud photos for some reason, today is full of problems! Picasa didn't want to work at all. 

Have a great week! Meow from Inky and Mittsy! 

Wednesday, December 08, 2021

WOYWW #653

 Another Wednesday, time for a peek at each other's desks and projects! If you would like to learn more, just go to Maybe you could join our little group!

Greetings all, from a lovely snowy December day in Ontario! Snow always makes everything so quiet and calm. The cats are inside, the house is decorated and cozy, all good!

I have been busy making my Christmas Cards, 7 are in the mail, 5 are ready to mail, and I have a few more left to do. In this picture I am working on an Easel Card. I found one in my stash so I'm using it as an example. On Sunday I bought myself a small tape runner, and it's empty already! Frustrating! They don't last long at all.

And here are the 5 cards I made this week...

The decorations are up! Here are two of my fav's:

And, of course, Mittsy and Inky like the tree!

Mittsy is "learning" not to take the ornaments down, this morning there were none on the floor! And Inky doesn't care about the ornaments, she's a just a good example!

I always put the unbreakables on the bottom branches...don't laugh at my M&M's ornament, we got those when Caitlin was little, the were the toppers for a long tube of M&Ms for her stocking! I love ornaments that have memories attached!

Well, I think that's it for today, I hope everyone is healthy and happy and crafty! Mittsy and Inky say "Meowry Christmas!"

Wednesday, December 01, 2021

WOYWW #652

  Another Wednesday, time for a peek at each other's desks and projects! If you would like to learn more, just go to Maybe you could join our little group! 

Happy December! Christmas Season is upon us, and Happy Hannukah to all our Jewish friends! We had a lovely weekend, we travelled to Toronto to see our Granddaughter, and to attend a small Christmas Party, always the first of the season. It was a wonderful party, so good to see friends we haven't seen in 2 years, and of course, always wonderful to see what new things our granddaughter is up to!

But of course, you are here to see my messy desk aren't you!

I just started making Christmas cards this week. I was cleaning my office and came across 3 boxes of old business cards. I almost threw them out - horrors! What was I thinking? I'm going to use them for my cards, journals, tags, ATCs, and whatever I can come up with. Here is my desk:

Just barely enough room to work in, as usual. The pile on my right is getting bigger, needs to be sorted, Inks and things on my desk that don't get put away right away, some ribbon that didn't work for me, a jar full of sponge brushes that need cleaning, and a card that I'm working on. 

Here are a few finished cards:

using my Tim Holtz Christmas cutout people

This photo was taken today, Dec 1, from my office window, and as you can see, we do have a little bit of snow. The next photo was taken two minutes later...

Mittsy wants back in!

Our first snow was on Sunday, Mittsy was very surprised...

Our last hibiscus flower bloomed that was in the vase of pruned branches...

This was the beautifully decorated dining room for our Christmas party on Saturday night, so elegant!

And last, but certainly not least, my beautiful granddaughter, 6 months old!

Have a wonderful week, enjoy the start of the season! 
Mittsy and Inky say "meow"!