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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

WOYWW #385

As you can see, it's been awhile. Summer was busy, and I really didn't think about my blog a lot! But now the weather is cooling off, and I noticed my desk - wow -what a mess! Back to the  tiny workspace again!

I do have a tendency to stack things, to put things somewhere until I have the time to put things away. . .I stood in one spot and took these 3 photos. On my. . .

I have been busy however, I just made 2 tri-fold cards for birthdays, but only thought of photographing them when I was slipping them into the mailbox - that's what I get for waiting far too long to make them! Needless to say they will be belated birthday cards! Today I will make another tri-fold card for our anniversary (32 years!) tomorrow. Hard to believe it's been 32 years! Thirty-seven if you add the 5 years we lived together before! 

Here is my latest journal page:

Have you ever just wanted to reset your day? Reboot your life? Put a "reset" button in your journal, and when things are getting you down, just get your mind set, and push the button. RESET! Now you can start over!

 Thanks for visiting! Hopefully I will participate more now that the colder weather is settling in! I did finish the book I was making last time, perhaps I will post that soon!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

WOYWW #368

Here we are back at What's On Your Workspace Wednesday (if you want to know what this is just click on the WOYWW button on the sidebar!) I've missed a few weeks - they go by so fast!

Here is my desk this morning, I'm working very hard to make my workspace smaller and smaller - why do we do this? At some point I will have to give in and clean it up! I am working on a project, a 9 (or 18, depending on how you look at it) page book, and I am now finished page 3 (or 6, depending on how you look at it!)

That's about it for this week! Now I will go and look at YOUR desks! Thank you for looking!


Wednesday, June 01, 2016

WOYWW #365

Here I am again to share what's on my desk this Wednesday! Our fearless leader is recovering from surgery today, so I send to her all the healing thoughts I can to help her through the process. If you want to know what WOYWW is, just click on one of the WOYWW buttons on the sidebar.

Today I am showing you what my desk looks like when I'm in the frenzy of a BIG project! I have started an art coaching class with ARTella, and it got me getting very creative!

The course is very interesting, and very creative in many ways.  

Last week I made a new journal page:

I am not planning to write on this page!
Thanks for looking!  


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

WOYWW #359

Boy time flies! It's been a few weeks since I've posted - seems like only one week! If you want to know what WOYWW stands for, just click on the WOYWW button on my sidebar and all will be revealed!

I decided my stamp room needed a bit if a cleaning, so I got to work. It was quite a mess on the side of table where I sit, worse on the other side! I switched the white set of drawers with the black iris cart, and my Big Shot sits nicely on top. (before-top, after-bottom)

This is to the right of where I sit, the white drawers used to be on my right, now I've switched. The black Iris cart holds all my letter stamps.

Two more after pictures, on the other side of my table. The floor used to be covered with papers and things that fell on the floor. The red drawers hold my word stamps, and here I have identified and organized them.

Here are some more before pics:

and some after pics - obviously it still needs some work - but at least I have a spot to work on!:

I went on holidays to visit a friend in Niagara Falls (Canada) and I haven't really been in the room since, but I have done a couple journal pages (I have since written on these pages!):

I only brought watercolors and washi tape with me to Niagara Falls!

                                         Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

WOYWW #354

Back again to peek at everyone's desk and projects! If you don't know about WOYWW, just click on the link on the sidebar!

Here is my desk as of this morning:

I have manged to do a little cleaning - but I do get sidetracked! I found this project that I had started many years ago. It is a card keeper and had each month written on each page, which had been folded to make a pouch for cards. I was looking for a place to stash my cards when I came across it, but the month thing wasn't working for me, so I decided to label the pages as to what was being sorted - ATCs, birthday cards, tags, friend cards, etc. The cover is a collage covered with Beeswax:

The inside looks like this:

Hopefully I will now get some use out of it!

Here are two more journal pages. This first one was a fun one!

I had heard the birds chirping away that day!

I have no idea how this next one came about, I was not thinking "cowboy" when I started! But I've always liked this cowboy stamp, and then of course, "horses" came to mind, and I knew I had a great set of horse stamps...I will probably journal in the middle section.

Well, that's it for this week! I will peek at your desks now! Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

WOYWW #353

It's What's On Your Workspace Wednesday again! If you want to know what this is, just click on the icon to the right.

Here is my desk for today (actually taken on Monday) It's getting a bit tight - ready for another clean-up!:

I haven't been in my craft room a lot lately, kind of in a funk, so I thought I would watch Aaron on Imperfectimpulses, and just copied his page. He used Lumiere paints - mine were all dried up, so I did my best with adding water to the jars. His little pieces of paper were very small, I didn't have the patience for that! He used pan pastels to color his pieces of paper, I don't have any so I used oil pastels. I also added some butterflies and a scribble that my friend Marg gave to me - it's on a piece of acrylic film, and just sticks to the page. Here is the video:

and my page:

I don't usually copy pages, but I just needed to get going again. This page obviously isn't my style, but it did get me in my craft room! 

Then I went to my friend Marg's for a playdate and made this page:

Much better - more my style! I loved her two new stamps - I've been wanting these guys for a long time! The rest of the stamps are Dylusions. The background is Distress Inks, and the left side has been wiped with gesso because it was too bright.

These guys are from Stampotique

The next day I did this page. It started with gesso. Dylusions spray and Distress Inks do NOT work well on gesso! So after wiping a lot of it off,  I used craft paint. I got my inspiration from some paper that I had - I used it for the border around the edges.

and some close ups:

I thought the limitations quote was good because I was limited by the gesso!

My most recent page was done on Monday, I was happy because it was a beautiful warm spring day and the birds were chirping away!

Dylusions sprays, Distress Inks, Tim Holtz music mask, and various stencils.

Well that's it for this week, things are looking up, the weather is getting warmer, we "spring ahead" this Sunday, and hopefully I can keep journaling!

PS-I apologise for the graphic content of my last post, I have changed it. Thank you to those of you who sent your condolences. It was a really difficult time, and your support helped..