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Thursday, December 23, 2010

12 Days of Christmas- Day 11

Almost over!! I had two to open today, but first I have to show you the secret that my friend Marg discovered about Day 4's gift from Kathleen:

it opens up! Who knew! I thought the bow was strictly ornamental! Now I have a place to put my 2010 Christmas pics! Thanks Marg - it helps to be inquisitive!!

Now for Day 11's gifts:

I opened the pink one first, from Ruth:

This beautiful metallic ornament was inside! It has two sides as you can see, and is covered in embossed metal, rubbed with alcohol ink. Very cool technique! Thank you Ruth!

the next was from Linda H

 A cool squiggly knitted white scarf with sparkly gold intertwined!

Here I am wearing it - it goes well with my all-black theme for today! Thanks Linda!!

Many thanks to Linda and Ruth for Day 11!

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