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Saturday, July 07, 2012


Beautiful (though hot!) day today! My house looks great because I got back to doing Fly Lady, and now I don't feel guilty about going into my art room! I went in there today to make my next journal page background, and to tidy up a wee bit. I found a stamp I had lost (an um) and then when I went to put it with it's family, the rest of the stamps were missing! Trying to keep my space tidy so I don't have to tidy everything before I can do anything!

Here are some more journal pages, I think we're in April...

The only Easter-like stamp is this one from Tim Holtz!

My DD's boyfriend's 28th  Birthday Card was the only other art I did in April! I used Character Construction stamps (that he gave me for Christmas!)

I'll do May next - hope everyone is enjoying the heat, or, if not, are somewhere nice and cool!

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