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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Day 9-GYAO

Day 9 already of Get Your Art On!! Today was shopping day and lunch with my Mom day, but I did work on the canvas with the bird on it - covered it all up (it was my least favorite). I chose one of my fav photos of my daughter, CJ, and printed it out in B&W. Now I think I did almost everything the opposite of what it said to do in the book, I didn't use laser printing, I didn't have liquid graphite, I didn't use gel medium, so I just did what I wanted, painted right over top of the photo (around the edges mostly, and on her clothing) and this is what I got:

I don't think it's quite finished, I have to look at it for awhile, but I really love it - or is it that I love her? I thought I'd do the same type of thing as my next page in my journal and went looking for a face to use -any face - and I just kept going back to her, so she will be my next portrait in my journal. I must miss her a lot!! I like the idea of painting on top of the photo.


Sandra said...

Linda, looks great! I'm glad you're having fun and not worrying over following the book's instructions step by step...the way I see it books are great inspriation but when it comes to working in your studio on your art ... you go with what speaks to you best and in the end everyone wins because you're happy and your artwork reflects it no matter what road you took to get there. Much art love your way.

Mixed Media Martyr said...

This looks wonderful!!!

shawn said...

I love it! Did you just use regular printing paper or photo paper? Thanks for your kind comment on my pages- visit again soon :)