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Monday, July 04, 2011

Day 4

Spent most of my afternoon playing! I've been watching GulfSprite videos lately, she's been very inspiring (everyone I find seems to be!), and I love how she paints her faces right onto scrapbook paper. Now I am no where near as good as she is, but watching her paint, I was thinking, well, maybe something I could try. So I found a photo of CJ that I had posterized, and I edited it a bit more, then printed it out, and cut around it like a stencil. That's how I got the basic shape of her face. Then I just did what I remembered Chris doing in her videos (though not near as well!) and painted away. Certainly not as wonderful as Chris's are, but not too bad for a first try!

 It's not supposed to look like CJ, I just got the general shapes and placement of parts from the photo. I will probably use the same "stencil" for the next one too.

Here it is in my journal, but the page isn't finished yet. Will work on it some more tomorrow. It doesn't look TOO bad, does it? Looks like a face, anyway! You can see my picture peeking out over top - I made a "stencil" of me too! Maybe a self-portrait will be next!

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful start to your have done quite some work. The image you drew is perfect and I am very much in love with the hand stencil (atleast I think it is a stencil) Where can I get one of those? And before I go, thank you for your positive comment on my blog. much appreciated!