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Friday, July 01, 2011

Day 1-July1-Get Your Art On!

Happy Canada Day !!!! I spent a nice quiet day inside and outside on my porch. BBQ steak and low-carb "Potato" salad (cauliflower!), and a neat shrimp appetizer I had at a restaurant a few weeks back. Lovely.

So I did get my art on today, but first let's catch up:

 My finished page from my last post. The left side turned into a Gratitude page for June. And I thought I'd do some fancy writing for a change on the right side.

This one I forgot to take a photo of the left side without the writing. I'm thinking of using these pages for CJ's Travel Journal, as they are using photos from her trip. This is a cat and one face from a fountain in France (I put the cat on top of the fountain). And, of course, CJ (not a real tattoo though!)

OK, here's today's art:

My VERY late Paris tag for a swap, I must get it out ASAP!

My next Journal Pages, this first one is horrible, then I made it worse by trying to do a transfer that failed miserably. . .

But I fixed it and now I love it! (as always!)

The window and roses are from CJ's trip to France. She loved the roses!

That's all for Day 1!


Robyn said...

good start-
I call it creative tooth brushing
youwouldn't go to bed with out brushing your teeth- don't go to be without being creative.

Elle said...

Great fix on your page. Amazing artwork all around as usual!

Aimeslee said...

lINDA! Don't die of shock now for hearing from me, hehehe. I'm looking at the journalers from Traci's challenge. I have to say, girl, that save on your page is awesome! Should be in a book! Glad to see you are doing great and you look so skinny! xoxoxo, Aimeslee