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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Most Fun Weekend of August

The most fun weekend of August was when my friend Therese from Trenton came to visit for a few days. We wanted to do many things, one of which was to make books. She brought her zutter machine, and we started to punch out lots and lots of coasters to use as book covers. We then had the wonderful idea of making little books for our guests that we were having for dinner on Monday night. So we made 9 little books, each the same but different, and we had a surprise for our friends on Monday night!

Since it was a dinner party, we had 4 quotes that had something to do with food. We left 3 pages blank, ready for mounting a photo. During the party we snapped photos, and then snuck away and printed out 3 pages of 3 different photos, each person was represented in the photos (not all at once). After dinner (we had pot-luck appetizers, then Therese and I made salad and cedar-planked Salmon) but before dessert (cheesecake!) we brought out the books, photos, and lots of fibers and charms. All of our friends but one were stampers/paper artists. They had a ball gluing in the photos and personalizing their books, even the one who claims she's not artistic! So we now all have our own little book of that wonderful time together!

I had a lot of questions about the salmon, which was incredibly good, Therese and I just looked it up on You Tube, which is where the link above takes you, you can choose which one you want to see. The one we looked at and chose, of course, I can't find! Essentially we soaked the cedar plank (Loblaws) for 24 hours, the poured on olive oil, salt and pepper, put the fillets on (nice and thick!) oiled, salted an peppered them, and put the whole thing on a hot grill (turned down to medium I think, when we put them on). The fillets were very thick, they cooked about 25 minutes I think. And boy, did the air smell wonderful!! The bottom of the board was very charred and burnt, and the salmon tasted lovely and smokey. The only sauce we used was dill cream cheese, melted in the microwave.

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Marlynn said...

This is such a fantastic idea. I love it. You are inspiring me, again. My little zutter is in the closet calling, "let me out, let me out!" I have some new Alice clip art now I just need to make up an invitation list. You are so creative! PS, missed your posts.