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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bad Girl!

Here it is, end of August, and I haven't posted for a month! After a whole month of journaling everyday, you would have thought a habit had been formed - oh, I THINK about it everyday, but I don't DO it!! And I do not know why. I find that strange, don't you?

I've had a fun month of August, starting with a trip to Niagara Falls to visit friends. On the first day we went to Jordan, a neat little village with interesting shops.

This fountain was in a garden shop - I love the sound of falling water!

Another neat little fountain, but very quiet, the water just oozes out of the rock

We ate lunch at a very cute little restaurant, with old record albums all over the place and a funky atmosphere

The next day it was pouring rain (par for the course this summer!) so we went to visit Jackson Triggs winery. It was the first time I've been to a winery, and it was very interesting! Apparently they built the winery with tours in mind, so (according to others who have taken wine tours before) we got to see a lot more than other wineries.

grape fields

This was actually near the end of the tour, where they put the wine into oak barrels. More interesting than huge vats of steel.

This is the outside of the winery. It was built to resemble a modern barn. The huge doors on either end open completely, and there are vegetable gardens in the front, and a neat watering trough fountain along the left side of the walk to the entrance. The best part of the tour, was, of course, the wine tasting. We tasted white, red and ice wine. We bought the white Riesling and the Ice Wine to take home.

That was the beginning of August!

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