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Sunday, August 30, 2009

More Fun with Therese!

Therese and I also wanted to make a Coptic Bound book. We tried to read the directions, but they were very confusing! Finally we looked it up on You Tube and found a great demo. I can't show you my book because I can't get my camera to co-operate with Kodak Easy-Share (anything but if you ask me! Olympus was much better) We used crochet string because that is all we had, but I think I will re-do mine with a thicker string.

We also made a tag from an idea that I got from another blog, but now I can't find it (of course!)
You take some flat plastic from an empty box (recycling!) and you cut it into a tag shape, then you run it through the cuttlebug to emboss the design (I use a pasta machine, as I don't have a cuttlebug). The you make a tag and glue it on top. Easy peasy. If anyone knows where this idea came from, please let us know! Image by Altered Pages.

We didn't get around to playing with wax, we'll have to save that for another day! I love having Therese come and play for a few days!

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