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Sunday, September 13, 2009

School has started. . .

and I am very tired! I am usually too exhausted at the end of the day (I teach children 3-6 years of age) to do much art. But here is what has been happening in my life recently. I have had a few medical problems (not serious, but very annoying), one of which is my mouth. I can't really eat much without getting a very sore mouth, on both sides. My teeth hurt. OW! So I'm eating a lot of liquid meals. Yum. But the homemade soup is good! Still managing to gain 2 pounds (what's with that??).

Here was my art table this morning - not much room! I was working on my altered book page for my ABCanada group. 
So I decided to clean it up. . .
and finish the page. Yay!
I made a metal plate at the top left page, using a stamp (HA) that I inscribed into the metal. Then I sanded the metal to bring the pattern out. I would like to work more with metal! There is also some bling that is very hard to see, that Therese brought for me when she visited last month. I know the mask is not right, the long points should be up, but I was so excited to use it for the first time, I forgot! So I put some bling at N,S,E and W to make up for it!
Does your house look like this?
Art Books everywhere?
and still, the shelf is full?
I have always wanted to try at least one technique from each book that I have
. . .so I am going to try and make that my weekly mission! I will let you know which book it came from, and show you what I did. There are a few blogs out there that do this already - they were my inspiration. I have so many of these books, and I love reading them, now I have to DO them!
I went to Michael's this weekend, just to spend one little 40% off coupon and get my Xyron refill at 40% off, but I came home with all this. . .
All the stamps were $1.50 except the one I used my coupon on (the cute little round face). Beware the Peace stamp - it's MUCH smaller than the package! All the paper was on sale - bonus! I really needed some new rubber. . .
I took my coptic bound book apart. . .
and re-bound it with some hemp (for jewelry) I found at Michael's (and then at the Dollar Store for only 1$!)
it's much tighter and stronger now. So I've painted 2 layouts in this journal, hoping to give myself a head start. . . let's hope it works! I'm thinking of having several journals, this one as my daily journal. I've been getting inspired by lots of people lately, most recently Judy Wise, I love her daily journals, so mine may look a bit like hers for awhile. . .! Hopefully she won't mind. 
I absolutely LOVED this travel journal by Mary Ann Moss when she went to Portugal - I want my journals to look like that! Here it is full of stuff. Wonderful!
Ok, I think I've rambled on enough! Until next time!


Tammy said...

Only a teacher of little ones could accomplish that much in one day! Wonderful page - wish the stamped metal image could be seen - I'm sure it is wonderful too. A clean desk makes me want to do more art which will make another mess. And so the cycle goes. If only I would put things back in their place when I'm done.

Marlynn said...

I read your blog entry with my mouth hanging open. How, and I mean HOW, did you get all of that accomplished in one day and then had the energy to post about it. I am so impressed. YES, my house and room look like that... I have to remember to clean my desk area before starting another project, but usually, I am the middle of three and things get piled higher and higher. You are to be applauded for showing photos of your area. I debate and debate about showing my own mess to the world which is much more messier than your area. Ha Ha... LOL. You go Girl!

BlueRidgeLady said...

Well I just love all your pictures! Your art table looks exactly like mine. I thought your house looked nice even with all the artbooks and your floor sure was pretty! Loved all the cool stamps you got on sale! I enjoyed your blog and will be back! Glad you stopped by mine. I left ya a comment but in case ya don't see it, if you are interested in joining the Crowabout Collage group on Flickr, you can email Nancy at all she needs is your email info and your name. Have a great day!!

Linda East said...

OMG yes my work table looks just like yours...what is that all about.
LOL...creativity knows no bounds...:)
I can't believe you got it all cleaned up, that is so awesome. Maybe I should take a pick of the art books stacked by my
and your trip to Michaels is a ditto for me...I can't go there for just one item...aaaahhhh my art world is full...literally hahahaha
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Linda (Okla)

Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

How on earth did you find the time do everything! Very impressed.

Your art table looks like mine. I end up piling stuff on each end until I have one little square foot to work on.

Good luck on your once a week project! I look forward to seeing what you create.