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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Days are getting colder. . .

and you know what that means! Fall is on its way (Tuesday, to be precise!) Here is a card I made for our monthly card swap at LRS (Limestone Rubber Stampers stamping club).

I also put some dimensional copper dots over the black dots in the word Autumn, but thought I'd scan this card first, as it takes a few hours to dry properly. I made 4 cards. I bought a cute little stamp on sale at Michael's today that is essentially a frame with a scroll feature, rather "grunge" looking. I used it for the inside so that whoever got the card could put their own stamped sentiment inside. I'll try to remember to take pictures at the meeting tomorrow night.

This week I've been excited about working in my journal again after a month of silence! I even altered the cover:




These pages are smaller, which is nice because I don't have to "stitch" them together to put the whole page on the blog~the first two pages are acrylic paints, the next is Neocolour watercolour crayons, which I discovered I had! It is also fun because I can sit in bed and draw/paint with them, and glue in my collage pieces. I decided to try and use some of my art on my pages, so I made a few collage pages with recent pieces (you have seen one of these images before!) I think I will go way back a few years and pull up some of those pieces too, that I have forgotten about. What a great way to remember, especially work I have given away! So yesterday I went off to my local art store and bought a bunch more crayons (I only had a few) - and they were on sale! I had a moment when I was very worried, when I started writing on my neocolor pages the ink wouldn't work. This happened with several pens - OH NO!!! Then I was reading Pam Carriker's blog, and she was using Neocolors in her journal, with a PITT pen! hallelujah! I tried it and it works perfectly. Whew! that was a close one! thanks Pam, you saved the day!

I told you last week i was going to pick a book and do something from it. Well, I picked this book:

and this page:

because I had bought this at a garage sale about two years ago, with the intention of altering it:

It is a Mickey Mouse jewelry box, and it swings out like this

my first job was to paint everything with gesso, which I did, and it broke in the process, but that's OK, I'm sure I can put it all back together!

So far, so good. I think the theme will be Three Generations -
my mother at the bottom, me in the middle and my daughter on the top. 
I'm looking for a good quote for this, 
do you know one?

My hamburgers and Eggplant Parmesan are awaiting, I must go! Hopefully I will have more to show of my project next week! And that I remember my camera tomorrow night!


Pam said...

So an artichoke is a thistle-you learn something new every day! So glad you left a cmment on my photo cause now I found your blog-and I love it, Hope to visit often!-and PITT pens are the best-the onlt ones I've found that write on acrylic paint.

Marlynn said...

You know I am such a fan of your journal pages and these do not disappoint. Can't wait to see what you turn Mickey into!! Love the card. OH, so many pretty things to look at!

fromthepines said...

Too funny! my daughter has that same jewelry box! I think its gonna be "left" when she goes to school next!
I can't wait to see what you do with it - great idea for the 3 generations.


Tammy said...

Wonderful journal pages! Love the idea of three drawers for three generations!