Sunday, June 24, 2007

Altered Artists meeting-playing with coasters

Myself and 3 other gals meet once a month to play. This time I brought my big box of coasters and I had pre-prepped some of them to do transfers onto (gesso-gel medium-page from phone book-gesso). We all did our transfers - soft gel medium matte, then an ink-jet copy face down on the gel medium, rub with bone folder, and pull off carefully- (sorry for the quality of the photos, I can't figure out how to get my digital to take good close up pics yet):

We then played with the images a bit, adding stamps to them:

I was able to scan mine:

And one that I didn't transfer onto first:

New Idea

Then Marg had another idea, from a workshop she had been to recently:

First we covered a coaster with scrapbook paper, making sure we had an interesting torn edge:

Then we got out the brown shoe polish, and a neutral polish - it was supposed to be saddle soap but we didn't have any - we dipped into the brown, then into the neutral, then rubbed it all over the coaster:

Then we melted some beeswax in a little cup with a heat gun and painted the beeswax onto the coaster. It was a bit bumpy and matte:

Then we heated the wax on the coaster until much of it melted and dripped off, leaving a nice smooth finish:

Then I buffed it and scanned it:

You can see a bit of picture from the coaster coming through, the next time I do this I will gesso it first. It has a very leather-like quality to it, and it feels awesome! I'll try using this idea for athe covers of a book.

Brenda's Idea

While Marg, Bev and I were doing the wax, Brenda had her own idea to make a kind of a screen or accordian book using the square coasters, some bamboo scewers and some beads for feet:

It's a great idea, I'll take another photo next month when it's all finished!
We have also decided to do a Dictionary Round Robin, so I'll add those pages next month, and we are going to do something very different at the next meeting - you'll have to wait to find out!


K said...

wow! what nice works of art! this is such a neat idea!

Heather Robinson said...

Great work everyone. So glad you shared this with us, Linda. Oh, how I wished I still lived in Kingston. Looking forward to the goings-on at your next meeting.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I felt like I was there! Thank you for taking the time to explain all of the steps and take photos! I have bees wax but did not use it because I thought I needed special tools to heat it up!