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Saturday, March 06, 2010

I'm back!

Don't know how many of you missed me, but I've been "out of it" for a little while - who knows why. I've been suffering from back pain for about 4 weeks now - it was excruciating a few weeks ago, and FINALLY! I can go through a day and not miss the pain pills. At first I was keeping up the daily journaliing, but my back suffered greatly from it, which of course, made me not want to do it, though I did think about it a lot! The pain was just too much though. Also, it made me depressed of course, and with a lot of stressful stuff happening at work, it all culminated in not posting, and not journaling. So now that I'm on the mend, I'm hoping to finish the last page I started (about Feb 16th or so) today, and I have uploaded all the pages before that. So sit back with a cup of coffee (or tea, or a glass of wine!) and take a look, I hope you enjoy January and half of February!

January 2010

oh, and I forgot the excema on my hand that I was battling with for the last several months -it made doing anything with my right hand very painful! It's much better now, almost (dare I say) normal. But I still have to keep it moist and bandaged all the time.
I enjoy using my Copic Markers on B&W pictures to colorize them! THESE are the ones I use, they seem to be a bit cheaper than the others. I got a bunch from my dd for Christmas.

I went through my stash and used of bunch of things I have had a round forever for the border. Image from Altered Pages.

Interesting page, still using stuff up. New dragonfly from Altered pages.

I used two of my old ATCs on this page

Girl from Altered Pages, other images from Nancy Baumiller. Stamp from Tim Holtz. I want to use more stamps in my journals.

My daughter and I went on a trip to Boston/Northampton for the weekend. We took a small plane from Toronto Island. It had propellers. I was TERRIFIED!! It was to get CJ a tattoo from a well-know tattoo artist that she admired. He was only in Easthampton for a short while as a visiting artist, and she got his last day. She will need 3 more visits, though, to complete the tattoo. Maybe when it's all done I will post it.

February 2010

After the tattoo (the next day) we went back to Boston for one night, and went to the aquarium.
The trip back wasn't quite as scary!

This is not one of my better pages, I think you can see I'm fading fast!

 This is my last page, I totally forgot it and had to come back and pop it in. It is black. It started out bright yellow with pink circles! I guess that says it all! But I really like it.

That's it for now. Hopefully I can get back on track and start making more art! I have joined a Stampscapes Yahoo Group and so I'm hoping to get back into Stampscapes as well. This link will take you to the Stampscapes Gallery. Find me at Cameron, Linda and you will see some cards I made several years ago.

Bye for now!


Yogi said...

Very nice pages. You have a nice style of journaling. The Stampscapes are interesting too. Two of them are definitely good for Halloween. Haven't bought those kind of stamps or gotten in to that type of stamping, other than to make a collage of various stamps into a stampscape.
PS glad you're starting to feel better. Hope it continues and you can get to creating more regularly. I don't wish Your ailments on anyone.

fromthepines said...

Linda, These are great. When you see them all together, you can really see your style. That's pretty cool.
Wondered where you were... at least its getting warmer up here now eh?


Roberta said...

I LOVE your newest journal pages, Linda! So full of color and texture and interest...they are wonderful to look through!
Glad you are back to blogging!

ArtCricket2 said...

I like your pages. I agree with Yogi, you have a nice style. Continued healing with that back! Glad you are better.

Janet Ghio said...

I always really enjoy looking at your journal pages. You have such a great way of putting everything together. Hope you aaare on the mend!

freebird said...

Those are some nice pages. I like how you put a little something in every day. I would end up with too many gaps but it's a great idea. You get art plus a real diary too!

Hope you keep feeling better and that your hands get better too.

Paula Phillips said...

Linda! I'm glad your back! You have been very busy, beautiful work. How did I not know you were from Toronto?? I'm currently living in Burlington.
Much Love

Ellie said...

Glad your back and feeling better....I can so relate! Love your pages and also thanks for all the links...they are helpful.


Anonymous said...

Super Art Journal pages, Linda! Hope your back is improved now.

Ruby's Girl said...

Linda your journal pages are all very lovely. It was good to see you posting again. I missed you and hope that you will continue to feel better.

Therese said...

Have missed you!!! I have added your link on my blog so I can check your blog easily when I am online - not so much lately. Have just finished teaching art sessions and will be able to add that to my blog this week!!

So glad to hear you are feeling better!!

Love your art and journalling!!



Thinkie said...

great pages! best wishes for your back!

Marlynn said...

WELCOME back, I've missed you.... As always love your pages!! Hope the back behaves. hugs,

Beth Norman said...

Holy smokes you do awesome art. I'm just on my way out the door but will be back.

Trudi Sissons - Two Dresses Studio said...

Hi Linda, Your journal pages are amongst the best I've seen and could be right out of a Teesha Moore book! I wish I had it in me to do that style because I love the look!