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Saturday, March 13, 2010


My DD and her boyfriend have entered a Doritos contest, and have made an awesome video! I would love for everyone to see it, and since I have no idea how to pop it on my blog, you can go HERE  to see it. They get points for every "computer" that views it, and more points if you are out of Canada.

If you love the video, please send the link to everyone you know, and put it on your facebook! Also, if you could click on 5 stars, and "fav" on the video site, that would be absolutely wonderful as well!

I realize I am biased, but these two are awesome filmmakers, as is evidenced quite nicely in this little video!
I know they would love to hear you comments as well, which I will forward to them!

Thanks for watching and voting!!!


Paula Phillips said...

Love it! I may be biased because I'm Torontonian... posted it to my Twitter and Facebook. :)
Much Love

upwiththesun said...

What an amazing video!! I'm sharing it too!!

Lisa said...

I loved it!!! I added it to my facebook. Good Luck!

Beth Norman said...

Just watched the video (saw your message on A.R.T.) and OMG it is one fab video. Such a unique concept and extremely well done. Give them a high five for me. Good luck too.

Neet said...

A truly tremendous video. I wish them every success and am passing it on.