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Saturday, November 14, 2009

More Journal Pages

Here are some more journal pages, starting the 1st of November. I did watch Teesha's videos, so there is some Teesha Moore influence - and I like it! I do seem to be making the collage pages faster than I can journal, they are so relaxing at the end of the day! I have two pages ready to journal right now, and I'm only half-way through journaling the page I'm on now. The solution is to use more quotes in my journaling to take up a lot of space at one time. That should work! Better than not doing the collages until I catch up! Anyway, here they are:

I printed out all of Nancy's Crowabout pages so I would have lots to play with,
so most if not all of these images are from those collage pages. The bird is a stamp. The
bottom edge of leaves is something I made using photos of the leaves in our front yard.

I was visiting my DD, and the girl's body reminded me of her, so I used it.
When I showed this page to her, she was actually wearing those pants,
and had worn those exact shoes that day! These images are from Nancy's sheets,
except the girl's face and the stamped edges and swirls.

One of my fav pages, and DD's as well! She loved the Mucha girl. Again, most images are from Nancy except for the Mucha Girl and the stamped leaves.

I finished the book "The Other Boleyn Girl" by Philippa Gregory. I generally like this page, except for the Martha Stewart letters. Don't waste your money, luckily these were on sale, but I could have done the lettering better by hand. They were horrible! The images are of the real people, Anne, Mary, Henry and Katherine, and the letter is a real letter from Henry to Anne (totally unreadable though!)!
I loved the book, and will probably read more of the series!

My "fun" reading! My DD got me hooked on the Sookie Stackhouse books
(from True Blood) and this one is the 3rd one. Quick reading, and fun. I'm now reading
the 4th one, so a new page is imminent! I thought I would just use the cover art since
I liked it so much, and collaged around it. Most of the collaged edges are from Nancy,
except for Elvis I think. Don't read the page if you want to read the book!


Tammy Freiborg said...

I love all your pages. You fill your pages with awesome images, great color, and oodles of thoughts. Laughed about your wanting to use quotes to help in the journaling part. I tend to want to skip the writing. You could also add lists: dreams, movies, songs, vegetables, restaurants, places, ...

Rhonda said...

I love your pages and find that the books read collage pages are much better than a traditional book report and of course a lot more fun. I am also a Sookie Stackhouse fan. In fact, I just finished reading Club Dead. Perhaps I should start a fun journal for the special books I read. Cannot do all of the books, because there are too many;-) Thank you for sharing your art, it is fantastic and fun!

freebird said...

I like all your pages. You could always write large to fill the space - that's what I do sometimes but sometimes just starting to write gets me going and if I start big I run out of room.

Toni said...

Hi Linda,
Your pages are lovely. I read the journaling and everything. I love how you talk about the food you eat and the fact that you're having a glass of wine while working your journal. I also love how you put a few pages on one spread. Your collaging is fantastic as well. Thank you for sharing. Oh yea, Phillipa Gregory's books are amazing...I read The Other Boleyn girl and then devoured about 10 of the other books. Love her. I've been dying to read the Sookie Stackhouse books since I adore the show. Can't wait!


Mixed Media Martyr said...

LOVE all your pages! I am reading Sookie Stackhouse too!!

I have given you a blog award - The "Over The Top" award - see my blog for details:


Daphne said...

Your pages are FANTASTIC! I could just devour them over and over. So much is going on there. The colours meld so perfectly. Wonderful artwork.

Linda said...

You're very good at this Linda...there are lots of great ideas here to inspire us!
Thank you for visiting ABAA....hope you can join in with us sometime.
Linda :-)

Yogi said...

well that's another batch of very interesting pages.

Lisa said...

I love your journal pages. They are creative and colorful. Great job.

Terri Kahrs said...

Oh, Linda! What a super terrific post! All of your journal pages are delicious. The images are awesome and your journaling is spontaneous and honest. I've really enjoyed these pages! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Anonymous said...


You have changed your colour palette significantly while I have been "away". These are gorgeous and your writing makes it very interesting to come back to the blog over and over.


Jane said...

Your pages are beautiful! They have inspired me to journal...thank you so much!

Barbara said...

I also watched all the Teesha videos and have been trying her methods. You are way ahead of me and I really like your pages! - Barbara

Shelley Malone said...

Holy... CRAP, Linda! Your pages just took my breath away. The colours, the different elements you've used, the way you've journaled multiple days on one page with stamped numbers (be still my heart!) I just love these.

Marlynn said...

Yes, I see the Teesha influence and learned something new! I like the idea that you do your collage first and then go back to journal. I just get frustrated and stopped doing it because I feel I didn't have the time.... LOL. Thank you for your post over at the Honeysuckle's. That was my goal for several years and believe it or not, I had been rejected several times and the one thing that got accepted for the first publication time in Somerset was originally sent to Stampers Sampler and then published in Somerset! Go figure - that sort of freed me from the "rejection" trap. Submit, sweetie, you have what they want! hugs,

whymsicalmusings said...

Oh MY GOODNESS!!! Each one of these pages is so inspiring! Just lovely!
Thank you for stopping by my blog it is always good to see new friends.

trisha too said...

beautiful, beautiful!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!


Vicki Holdwick said...


I really like all your pages. Yes, I see the Teesha Moore influence, but I also see your style and I like it.

Thanks for your visit to my blog,


Debbie said...

I too love your journal pages especially; Henry VIII. I did a altered book of Henry VII about a year ago myself. I love period books, movies. Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth Golden said...

Linda I realizes today I have not visited in a while. What great journal pages! You have definitely incorporated Teesha into your own style. I love Nancy's border sheets.I use her stuff all the time.
You asked about my Totem. A totem is something that shows up regularly in your life at realization moments. Mine is birds - usually a hawk. Dhe is my validation my protector, other birds have different meanings for me. Your totem could be large cats. One of my sons has cats/bobcats as a totem.I have always known what mine is. My grandmother - Creek Indian - was into a lot of the older ways.

Hetty said...

Wow, Linda, lovely altered pages!
Thanks for your wonderful comment on my blog. Could't find your emai for feedback, I am sure we have mailed before. Mine is on my blog

Janet said...

I love the Teesha Moore influence! I would LOve to take a class with her.