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Friday, July 10, 2009

July 8 and 9 pages

Two more pages - at this rate my comp book will be full by August!

I used punchinella to make the black grungy dots

I do love this page! I used Tim Holtz Stencil, tapped over it with a
white paint dauber. Love those things! My favorite group is a Goth Rock
group called Within Temptation. Never would have thought a 55 year old
would be into Goth Rock! Maybe I'm reliving my childhood,
maybe I would dress all in black and dye my hair if I were 14 again. . .LOL!
I've also been using Distress ink on the edges of my
background papers - and adding swirls-I love the look!


Anonymous said...

Great pages Linda! Grunge eh?? Good girl and if you do dye your hair black my dear I really want to see a picture !!! Wonderful art as usual!
Judy L

Janet said...

This is my first visit. I love your pages. What stamps,
rub-ons? did you use for the words on the right?
All of your pages inspire me. I'm working on my first journal too, from an online class. So this is great.
Thanks for the nice visit, you talented lady, you.
Janet K

Lindart said...

The letters are from
1031D Ornate Alphabet. I just cut around the letters and glued them down.

Thanks for your kind words Janet and Judy! If I ever go Goth, I'll definitely post it on my blog!! Good luck with your journal, Janet!

M said...

You are just so darned talented, Linda. Yup, you are inspiring me. I have the Tim stencils and "one dauber" - didn't know if I liked it or not but love what you did on the July 9 page. Marlynn

freebird said...

These are great pages. You are putting them together in such luscious layers. I really have trouble with that. What inspiration.

Aimeslee said...

Your pages are quite inspiring to me, Linda. Great job.


Melisa said...

I'm not into Goth rock, but I do love your goth rock spread! The moody colors are perfect! You're doing great with your page a day. Keep it up and that book will be full in no time!

juliet said...

hah! i don't know anything about goth rock, but i think that if goth had been invented in the 70's i would definitely gone with the style. the black, the white, the makeup... i am 50 and have just discovered that i like some rap music. never ever thought that would happen!