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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 20-21

I wish I could drive myself to places far away, I have a fear of driving long distances - even as a passenger. I will be a passenger, but I'm on edge most of the way. My friend Marg drives to Florida and back every year, I 'm always amazed with her fearlessness! I would love to go off to conventions and classes but thet are always so far away. Someday I will pick up the courage to do it!

Every Tuesday (and Thursday) I have lunch with my Mom. It's an oasis in the day for both of us, and we look forward to those two days every week! I did some gel pen doodling around the peas and avocado, but you can't really see it in the scan. It really pops in real life!


kelsey said...

I'm like you Linda, I love having travelling companions and just can't contemplate travelling alone let alone driving long distance alone!

Love the journal pages, the avo looks good enough to eat!!!

Let me know what you think of the soot technique when you get some done. The instructions are on my blog in an earlier post...I didn't say that there though, wanted people to have a little search for it. ;-)

Zom said...

You do beautiful journal pages. Such a subtle, beautiful sense of colour.
I wish that I could see the pages closer.