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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Moleskine Journal Pages

These pages are done with a pen and watercolour pencil. I belong to a group called Everyday Matters, and they have a list of 216 things (so far) to draw. So if it says EDM# it is one of the things from the list!


Bonny said...

Linda, you have some really nice journal pages. I particularly like the one with the pumpkins and the one with the vines as a border. They are all wonderful, though!

Have a nice Sunday!

Pattio said...

Hi Linda,

I am really enjoying your moleskine journal pages. I am working on my drawing skills too. Your drawings look great!

Cheers Patti

Alex said...

Wow!! Your sketches have so much depth! Something which I think I still lack.
I bought a Moleskine sketchbook and have yet to start anything on it. But I'm enjoying sketching on my Christmas present now, next would be the Moleskine.
Thanks again for the comment on my Bird post^^

seesue said...

Love your Moleskine pages. The triptych, the lifedrawing, ...can't decide on a favourite.

Ana Tirolese said...

Interesting journal pages. Good for you! I was looking at the top image re: Penelope Cruz, and I was wondering why everyone finds her, or Angelina Jolie so attractive. Mind you, I think Angelina is better looking than Penelope, but I find them both to be way too thin and their features way too exaggerated. I don't find Ms. Cruz at all pretty. Hmmmm. Maybe it is just me.

Anyhow... I like your pages. I think you are doing a fabulous job.

Yogi said...

Love your drawings in these pages. Nice journalling. I know what you mean about drawing people from the back - no face involved... Big Grin

Aimeslee said...

Nice drawings, Linda. You are doing very well and kudos to your dedication. xoxo
My art blog hearts comment-love. :-))