Saturday, February 22, 2014


I have changed the way I journal. Again! I have been writing a journal daily on my computer since August 2013, and found it was rather strange to just repeat and repeat by journaling my life in my art journal as well. So, now my life is private, and I have joined two journaling groups, as I think I mentioned in my last post. I am enjoying following their prompts, although I haven't followed all of them.
Here's the first one:
The prompt was -Make a flap on your flap. So, 2 flaps. OK. I had never really done this before! I found a page in an old art journal that I am actually using for the purpose of ripping out and incorporating them into journals or Project Life. That was my first flap, and i just went from there. Earlier this week I got some lovely "Happy Mail" with a tag saying "Smile" The tag was mostly blank, so I could add to it, and that was my second Flap!

 I am also only using the right side of my Moleskine watercolour book, and writing how I did the page on the left side.This also allows me to be always working on a flat surface. So this is everything all closed up:

And now my small flap (the tag) is opened:

The large flap is opened to reveal 2 new pages:

The left page - about friendship and meeting one of  my BFs at Starbucks every week. The vellum quote got all wrinkled when I used Gel medium on it. Don't do that!

The page on the right is about Valentines Day! This time I used my Xyron to adhere the vellum. That's the way to go!

I really enjoy technique prompts. I really don't like writing prompts!

The other Journal prompt group is called Journal52. This week's prompt was "Found Poetry" I have seen this before, but never done it. I'm terrible at poetry. But I tried! here it is:

I realized I need an "of" for it to make sense, so I added it. Maybe it makes sense. I don't know. Poetry often doesn't make sense to me!

So that's it for today! Thanks for looking!

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