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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I can't BELIEVE I haven't posted since October 2012. here it is September 2013! ALMOST ONE YEAR! It's been quite  year, however. In June we closed our Montessori School to rent the building to another Montessori School. I was ready to retire from teaching and wouldn't unless we had another Montessori School in its place. Done! Now I'm working on a site called Linda's Montessori Shop to sell all my books, materials, and handmade items. One of the reasons I retired was to work on more ART!!! Hasn't quite happened yet, but I have done a few things since last October to share with you (if you are still with me!).

Valentines 2013 I made some tags for my staff: (oh yes, and I learned how to add a watermark!)

And an Anniversary card for my parents in March:

I started some Calendar Journal Pages:

but didn't get too far. . . I think the secret might be to have the whole year finished before Jan 1, so I'm planning on making the whole year of  2014 before Jan 1, 2014 (Good luck on that project!)

My daughter needed a card in late August:

and my BFF needed one today for her birthday (before the words were added):

I put "Happy Birthday" right where the watermark is! 

So, you are all updated except for Journal pages, which will come soon!!

I sincerely hope I haven't lost all of you, and that I can keep this blog going no matter what!

Many thanks to those who are still with me - love and kisses!


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Walks with Wolves said...

It's good to see you back and posting again. :) I'm still watching ya. I love your journal pages.