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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Finally - an art post!!

Hives are all gone, hopefully NEVER to return! But if they do, I am armed! Thank you for all the sympathy I received. I needed it!!

OK, so here are some new journal pages. I've been experimenting a lot with backgrounds and stencils. Not sure how I like it.

The cross is a canvas I'm doing for a good friend who is sadly moving away. I will miss her very much!

My friend Therese came to play with me!!

I thought I would use my Character Construction stamps and create some people on my journal - unfortunately, I only have a couple of these stamps - I have to get more!! Well I'm off to finish this page.

My thoughts go out to all of you who are remembering 911 today, especially those personally affected. It was a horrible day, and though we don't want to remember it, we need to.

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Trece said...

I love the new art journal pages!! The cirular writing is awesome; I even like the colors. Glad the hives are gone!