Saturday, October 27, 2007

October ATCs

For my Byhand group, October's theme was Egypt, Hallowe'en, or indigo. I chose Egypt. In my little group that meets at Marg's, we did some ATC backgrounds that worked well with the theme. Marg prepared the ATCs ahead of time by squirting glue in squiggles over top of magazine pages cut and glued to ATC sized card. When we got the cards the glue was dry. We scribbled oil pastels over the cards, then rubbed them with "Never-Dull" -something that apparently is used for shining up hubcaps. It was very smelly, and was kind of soaked cotton. Anyway, we rubbed the cards and the pastels smeared around and blended, and it took off the magazine picture. The end effect was rather interesting. Here they are, all images are from Altered Pages. The stamps are from Non-Sequitur (plate 41) . The Isis eye is a punch.


Beth Akins said...

love the atcs!

Mary-Beth said...

Divine atcs!! Love them all.

Linda said...

I'm really enjoying your blog! So many interesting things to look at! From another Linda Lee! My dad named me that because there was a song back in 1949 named "Linda" and he loved it. I think it was redone in the 60's sometime.