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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

EDM #18 challenge-draw what you see out your window...this was a bus ride where the view kept changing, I just put in what I saw when I looked up each time-these were never all together in the same place! It was a very bumpy ride, a bit tricky when drawing and painting! I used the brushes with the reservoirs so I didn't need any water. But I did need paper towels which I forgot!


pedalpower said...

That would be hard to do with the scenery changing all the time-it turned out great! It's hard to draw in a moving vehicle too.

Kathleen Marie said...

That sounds like a fun project and one that was so successful. Great drawing. I love the idea or sketching whatever you see when you look up. :)

Persephone said...

I'm impressed that you were able to produce something this good on a moving bus. I can't do it when I'm sitting still! :-)