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Saturday, July 04, 2009

I Got an Award!

Michi from "Michi Rhymes with Peachy" has bestowed upon me the
"Honest Scrap Award"!

Thanks for thinking of me Michi! I'm not sure what "honest scrap" means, as I am not a scrapbooker, but I'll take it anyway! Michi said she loves my blog, so that's where I'll go with it too. I have to choose 7 more people to give the award to, as well as tell 10 things about myself. Here goes:

1-I have the summer off of work to play play play!

2-I have 2 cats

3-I spend way too much time on the computer!

4-I like to play computer games AND I cheat a lot!

5-Coronation Street is the only "soap" I watch (and my dh does too!)

6-My garden is the pitts becasue I have no sun, AND I don't like to putter in the garden. I like prennials that I can plant and forget. I have lots of Hostas! But I DO like to sit in the garden and read, and listen to the birds.

7-reading is my favourite pastime besides art. My favourite authors at the present are Dean Koontz and Alexander McCall Smith. My mission is to read all their books. Eventually. (And they've both written A LOT of them!)

8-I've lost 82 pounds since 2007 (Atkins)

9-my mother and my daughter are my 2 best friends

10-I love to stamp, journal, make ATCs and Altered Books. I want to get into bookmaking as well, and make my own journals. Maybe this summer, if I don't run out of time!

I hereby nominate the following bloggers for the "Honest Scrap Award" because I love looking at their blogs on a regular basis! So, CONGRATULATIONS!

1.Art-Just Do It! My good friend Therese is always giving me great card-making ideas. Maybe she'll make a book with me this summer!

2-Art From The Attic Very cool blog with lots of great ideas. I love all the things she does with beading, especially!

3-Creative Expressions Lovely work, lots of great ideas!

4-Kelly Kilmer -I love Kelly's journal pages!

5-Red Velvet -I just recently discovered this wonderful blog!

6- Neith's Crafty Creations -Neith is a scrapbooker and cardmaker, and she uses the Club Scrap products. I always enjoy seeing what she has created with them!

7-Orly Avineri's Blog -another cool blog of art journal pages


Mar said...

you just got another one!!!
hop over to my blog
and pick up your award!!
I am honored to have met and gotten to know you

Michi Michaelson, Orange County, CA said...

Hi Linda!
THANK YOU so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment! I LOVE reading through your Honest Scrap Award (I don't know what that means, either!! LOL!) It's kind of a fun award!!! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the award...I like 'honnest'..not so sure about 'acrap'...LOL..I do appreciate your attention, your visit at my blog and your lovely comment. I have scrolled down and saw some beautiful journal pages here..I'll make sure to add you on my 'creative types' list.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thank you for the very very kind words. ;)